What is Law of Attraction and How it Works?

Let me start the first post with my definition to the law of attraction, or briefly called ‘LoA’ that is popularized by Rhonda Bryne in the book “The Secret“. What is Law of attraction and how it affect our lives? How does it work and how we can manifest what we want using LoA? The reason why I took this topic to share is merely because I want to learn more. By sharing, I’ll learn and practise it more, because I know this law exists.

There are a lot of personal and friends’ experiences that show how real this law is. You may believe it or not, but law is law, which is working with or without your acknowledgement. You may just put this aside and not to believe it. I will not force or persuade you to believe in LoA as well . I just want to share what I know about it and hope it might be useful.

So basically LoA is a universal law that says likes attract likes. We ask what we want to the universe and the universe will give it to us. Simply mentioned by “The Secret“, ask and receive. It is simple but most people fail to apply it, especially when they ask something but mostly receive nothing.

So how actually does law of attraction works? How we can manifest the things we want by using LoA?

Before explaining how it works, let me give some examples why I came to believe in LoA. Apparently, I just realized that I’ve used LoA since I was in junior high school, at least that’s what I remember :

  • I used LoA to gain the first rank in school within the same level, not only in class.
  • During a competition, as I saw the prizes and felt great for at least the second prize, I really won the second place.
  • In another competition in my college, again I’ve used LoA to win it.
  • I apparently also used LoA for my first salary.
  • My current job is also as a result from using LoA, I mean the condition really match with my minimum criteria. I just wonder why I didn’t think bigger over the past times.

Besides those positives results, LoA works exactly with negativity as well :

  • Often when I was thinking about sickness accidentally, I really became sick.
  • When I was worried how about not enough money, expenses became bigger all of sudden.

Have you ever wonder why everything that you felt afraid of just exactly happen? Well, that’s law of attraction. Whatever you think, whether positive one or something that you are afraid of, just simply happen.

Applying LoA is actually quite tricky. Actually the main key of applying LoA is simply by feeling good. All sort of positive feelings will get more good things come to you. That’s why gratitude is a strong feeling to apply LoA for good life. Gratitude creates positive vibes and make you attract more positive things.

So there are 2 keys in applying LoA. First is thought, Second is feeling. Set your mind right by thinking only the things you want and not the things that you are afraid of. Focus on the end result of the things you want. After that, focus on good feeling. Feel good all the time will make things manifested faster. When you feel good, it is like you are activating the magnet to attract the things you want.

The thought is to choose the things you want, while the feeling is to make it happen.

Law of attraction just works like that, because everything in this universe is formed from energy. Energy vibrates within a frequency. A vibration will attract the same vibration, as said to be in harmony. So we need to tune up our frequency within the positive vibes to attract more positivity to our lives.

Buddha teaching

How to feel good?

Gratitude can certainly make you feel good. You cannot feel bad when you are feeling grateful. Just notice the feeling when you are saying thank you to somebody who has helped you, can you feel bad while saying it? The feeling of gratitude will boost up your energy level to bring more things for you to be grateful. You can’t be grateful when things are messed up, so the things that come to you might be a good one, isn’t it?

Here is the basic key :

  • Choose your thought carefully that you only think the things you want : ASK
  • Don’t worry about how it will happen, just have faith that it will : BELIEVE
  • Gain positive vibes and be gratitude : FEEL GOOD
  • Once again don’t worry and just be gratitude like you have received it : RECEIVE

The basic key of the book “The Secret” that just mention ‘ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE’ seems like missing the point of ‘feeling good’, while feeling good is the main ingredient to apply the LOA.

feeling good gratitude

Hope you succeed to bring more benefit by using the Law of Attraction and feel free to share you experiences with LoA in the comment 🙂


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