How to Achieve Inner Peace and Be Happy Now

how to find peace

There will be a time when you feel so much confused with what to do next or how to do a thing or another. There will be a time when you feel like you have no guide or no opportunity shows up. You feel very miserable when you face that kind of confusion. In fact, the more miserable you feel, the more you will be stuck with no idea at all. The truth is that kind of feeling attracts more resistance to inspiration. In order to gain inspiration and to attract more opportunities, you need to be in peace. In that state, your prayer is heard and inspiration just pop up in your mind then.

A lot of people looking for happiness out there, thinking that they will be happy when they’ve got something they want. Unfortunately, they go nowhere but stay in their current spot. They keep wondering when will they get there, how to get there, and what to do, with feeling of burdened and stressful. They can’t feel happy and peace because they can’t enjoy their present moment while worrying about future.

The key to be inspired is to be in peace. When you are in state of peace, you will be like a magnet that attracts things you want. You connect to your higher self when you are in peace. It is like a spiritual guidance that will give you whatever answers you want to know when you are in high state of alignment with your higher self, by giving you inspiration or your intuition level goes up higher. I just did a small survey about some successful people : most of their decisions are based on intuition, especially the one that needs faster decision. You can sharpen your intuition when you are using to it and it is easier to be sharpened when you are in alignment with your inner peace.

how to find inner peace and happiness

How to Achieve Inner Peace and Happiness ?

Peace and Happiness is lied within you. It is your choice whether you want to feel it right now or later. You can access to the state of peace by living in present and letting go of your worry and anxiety.

The key to Inner Peace is to live in present and Let Go.

The key to Happiness is to feel as much love and being grateful.

Both of them are connected. You will feel happy when you are in peace and you can feel peace when you are happy. So, in order to gain happiness and peace is to work on yourself, not seeking it in somewhere else or setting up some conditions to not able to feel it. Setting up conditions means that you yourself putting up requirements to feel happy, that you will only feel happy if only something you want does happen. Meanwhile, the main way to increase your luck factor is to vibrate in positive vibes. Feeling good and happy, so as being in a state of peace is a high positive vibe. Thus, attracting more positive things to you.

The Key to Inner Peace

As mentioned above, the key to inner peace is to live in present and to let go. Living in present means being mindful. You put your whole attention to what is happening within you and around you. Meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness. You notice what is happening within you when you meditate, such as focusing on your breathe while you inhale and exhale. You also focus on your surrounding because you are really present. Besides, you don’t think about past and future. Letting go is also another powerful tool to achieve inner peace. Let go of your desire, worry, anxiety, and any other negative feeling will keep you in peace. When you desire for something, you need to let it go as well. It means you live in detachment. Desire for something will make you work on it. All you need to let go is the result, but keep enjoying the process in order to achieve what you desire for.

The Key to Happiness

There’s no path to happiness. Happiness is the path – Buddha

Happiness is a choice. The truth is happiness is in line with success. When you are happy, you will be easier to succeed because you vibrate in a positive frequency, thus attracting positive outcome. You are in better luck and attracts more opportunity as a result. On the contrary, when you are unhappy, you push good things away while attracting negative ones to keep you feeling unhappy, because it is the way universe works – Law of Attraction, “likes attract likes.”

Simply take a moment to feel the love to something or someone you love, how do you feel? A really good feeling! Likewise, take a moment to feel grateful for something you have, which you really appreciate in your life, how do you feel? Also a really good feeling, isn’t it? You will simply feel happy when you access to those feelings. The key is to learn to be in unconscious competence to feel love and grateful.

You can access more information about how to achieve inner peace and happiness in this book : The Good Life Factor (Kindle version).

Hope you guys enjoying this article. Feel free to leave comment if you have any other ideas.

Cheers to Good Life!

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